The Most Common Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

The Most Common Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

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  • Wedding is among the most important events in people’s life. It’s the start of a new life for wedding couple. People spend a fortune to make their wedding memorable and convert it into an everlasting memory for their lifetime. Outdoor wedding destinations, flashy lighting, thematic wedding parties, sumptuous food and tantalizing drinks add flavors to every wedding. However, the most important thing that captures the real happenings of a wedding is wedding photography.

    We hope that you talk with your photographer sitting on what kind of coverage they offer, and what kind of coverage you need. Let's help them so they can not sell you more than you need, but they should also be there to cover all the important moments that happen on your wedding day. Wedding photographer in a typical day is 8 hours, just like any other professionals working day. That said, often 10 hours of coverage need to start with the bridal prep and the end of the reception.

    The last question is perhaps the most important one for an LDS bride to ask a potential wedding photographer. Mormon weddings, particularly those that involve an LDS temple wedding, are uncharted waters for many professional wedding photographers. They require an understanding of the LDS view of marriage and the temple that many photographers don’t have. Of course it’s possible to get great wedding pictures with a non-Mormon photographer, but it makes open communication with the LDS bride and groom even more essential. You need to communicate to the photographer the protocol for taking pictures on LDS temple grounds.

    Many professionals in the field will be ready to communicate and come up with a mutually beneficial solution. You may opt for a smaller number of pictures or you may have the photographer present during just a few hours, in order to save some money.

    The skill of the wedding photographer is once again vitally important to ensure your satisfaction. Make sure that the professional has experience in retro photography and examine the portfolio before agreeing to anything.

    Take your socks, your bra and any other garments that may leave marks on your skin off. Do that early enough so that you look amazing during the wedding.

    The portfolio of a wedding photographer will help you figure out whether the professional has experience in the style that you want for your album. Reportage wedding photography is very different from abstract wedding shoots. A professional that executes one of the varieties spectacularly may do a poor job in another style.